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Unreleased Michael Jackson album could sell for $1 million

An album of unreleased Michael Jackson songs could sell for up to $1 million when it hits the auction block later this month at Gotta Have Rock and Roll in New York.

The album is part of a collection of memorabilia which originates from Jackson’s former personal assistant, who travelled the world with the star for many years.

The CD, which is simply marked “Bible”, is reported to feature 12 songs Jackson recorded before his death in 2009, nine of which have never been heard by the public.

Of the 12 tracks, alternate versions of three – ‘Monster’, ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up’ – appeared on the posthumously-released 2010 album ‘Michael’.

Following the release of that album, many of Jackson’s associates, including famous producers that worked with him such as, claimed the singer was not responsible for some of the vocals.

Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the Jackson estate, later claimed that the vocals had been verified as authentic by one the country’s finest forensic musicologists.

The tracklisting of the unreleased disc is as follows:
1. “Monster”
2. “Breaking News”
3. “Stay”
4. “Keep Your Head Up”
5. “Everything’s Just Fine”
6. “Black Widow”
7. “Burn Tonight”
8. “All I Need”
9. “Water”
10. “Let Me Fall in Love”
11. “Ready to Win”
12. “Soldier Boy”

Although the price for owning these unheard songs looks set to soar above the starting price of $50,000, the winning bidder will not own the copyright on the tracks – meaning they will, for the time being, remain unreleased.

Further Michael Jackson highlights in the sale include fedoras worn on stage during performances of Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean; Jackson’s personally-owned clothing, pyjamas and teddy bear; and a set of hand-drawn cartoon self-portraits.

Bidding in the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction opens on July 19.

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