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O.J Simpson chase white Ford Bronco could be yours for $700,000

The white Ford Bronco used by O.J Simpson in his famous 1994 police chase is now up for sale, with a price tag of $700,000.

The vehicle is currently on display as one of the star attractions the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Following the brutal murders of his ex-wife Nicole brown and her friend Ron Goldman in June 1994, the L.A.P.D issued a warrant for Simpson’s arrest.

Simpson then fled, and the ensuing police chase was watched live on television by an estimated 95 million people across the U.S.

Contrary to popular belief, the Bronco used in the chase didn’t belong to Simpson himself, but was owned by his close friend Al Cowlings.

Al Cowlings was the driver on that fateful day, whilst Simpson sat in the back with a loaded gun threatening to kill himself.

After almost two hours of slow speed pursuit along a California highway, the chase ended at Simpson’s mansion where he was arrested for murder.

_"_It was the event everyone was talking about, and is still discussed today," said Janine Vaccarello, chief operating officer for the museum.

"People reminisce about where they were and who they were with when the news broke into the NBA Finals with helicopter footage of the chase. The country was captivated and perplexed."

Simpson did own an identical white Ford Bronco, which was discovered outside his home with traces of Brown and Goldman’s blood in it, but it was later destroyed after his remarkable trial.

During the trial Al Cowlings sold the Bronco to Michael Gilbert, Simpson’s former agent, and he kept it safely stored away for more than 20 years before exhibiting it at the museum.

“When I was working with ESPN on the documentary ‘O.J.: Made in America,’ I knew there would be an increased curiosity surrounding this case," said Gilbert. "Not only would people learn details they never heard, but there would also be a new generation learning about it for the first time."

Having spent the past nine years in prison for armed robbery, O.J Simpson was granted parole in a hearing last month and is set be released in October 2017.

Gilbert is now hoping that the renewed interest in his controversial former client will help him sell what is surely one of the most famous vehicles in U.S crime history.

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