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Margaret Thatcher’s Belgravia home for sale

Margaret Thatcher’s house in London’s plush Belgravia district is on the market.
For £30 million ($43.2 million)…

With a bombproof front door, and an entrance hall that uses the same Hopton stone as the House of Commons’ lobbies, this is a property that will give the new owner a strong sense of the Iron Lady, even down to the number 73 carved in the front doorstep, designed by Thatcher herself.

The prime minister moved into the six-floor townhouse in Chester Square in 1991 when she was abruptly required to leave her former residence in 10 Downing Street (via a brief and unsuccessful trial in leafy Dulwich).

Thatcher lived in the square until 2013, when the stairs proved too difficult – and she took up residence at the Ritz hotel for her final months.

“If these walls could talk, they could tell extraordinary tales of Margaret Thatcher talking to Ronald Reagan and other world leaders," Richard Gutteridge from Savills Sloane Street – the estate agent behind the sale – told the Telegraph newspaper.

“It’s is one of the finest houses on the Square. The property fully embraces its history and Grade II listed status, whilst the level of craftsmanship has enabled the careful creation of a modern, yet traditional home.”

Margaret Thatcher memorabilia has achieved large sums at auction since her death in 2013. A bottle of Champagne she signed sold recently for £45,000 ($68,360). Her handbags have made as much as £65,000 ($98,740).

The Thatcher connection has added millions to the asking price of the property. Number 74 is also up for sale – with a guide price of £24 million ($34.5 million).

Homes connected with famous figures have a habit of selling well.

John Lennon’s childhood home in Liverpool recently auctioned for £480,000 ($782,232), far above the price for a similar property in the area.

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