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12,000 year-old skeleton sets mammoth auction record

A 12 thousand-year-old mammoth skeleton fetched a record price in France last weekend.
The enormous specimen crossed the block at the Aguttes auction house in Lyon, as part of a dedicated natural history sale on December 16.

The skeleton was originally uncovered in Northern Siberia, as dates from the Pleistocene epoch – otherwise known as the ‘Ice Age’, which spanned from 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago.

It was originally found by a hunter, who had stored the preserved remains in his home for over a decade.

Standing more than 11ft tall, the skeleton was one of the largest Mammoth specimens ever offered for sale on the private market.

It also remained in remarkably preserved condition, with more than 80% of its original bones still intact, and its magnificent tusks each measuring more than three metres long.

Initially offered with an estimate of €450,000 – €500,000, the skeleton soared to a final price of €548,250 ($645,000)

The winning bidder was Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, CEO of the waterproofing company Soprema, which uses a mammoth as its logo.

According to reports, Bindschedler now plans to exhibit the huge skeleton in the lobby of the company’s headquarters.

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