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Jimi Hendrix’s "out of sight" fan letter could fetch $30,000

A remarkably rare handwritten Jimi Hendrix letter will lead a sale of modern music marvels at RR Auction this month.

Hendrix wrote the letter to a fan in November 1969, having met his sister on a flight in the U.S. According to the consignor:

“In November of 1968, my sister Melinda had a flight from New York to L.A. On the flight roster of important people was the name Jimi Hendrix…She introduced herself & told him she was a fan of his & had a brother that really liked his music also. But she was too embarrassed to ask for his autograph…she finally asked him but he said he was a little busy right then…

“As he was leaving the plane, he went up to my sister and apologized…and said give me your brother’s address and I will send him my autograph. A few days later I received a letter and autograph from Jimi Hendrix.”

Jerry’s sister Melinda clearly stuck in Hendrix’s mind after the flight, as the letter he sent clearly illustrates:

“Your sister is out of sight plus beautiful plus groovy plus ALIVE plus electric. I hope well for you in the future of whatever you may go through. Remember yourself.”

And in case Jerry didn’t get the hint that Jimi fancied his sister, the rock legend had also drawn a heart with the words “to your sister” next to it.

Not only is the letter a unique piece of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia, which shows both his compassionate personality and his legendary love for the ladies, but it was also written on a highly significant date in his life: November 16, 1968, the day that Electric Ladyland became his first (and only) U.S #1 album.

As one of only a few handwritten Jimi Hendrix letter to ever appear on the market, it is now expected to sell for more than $30,000.

Further notable items offered in the RR Auction sale will include a highly rare Jimi Hendrix Experience poster signed by Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding in Berlin in January 1969, estimated at $20,000+; a signed program for a concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall on February 18, 1969, estimated at $10,000+; and a signed photograph obtained just two weeks before Hendrix’s death in 1970, estimated at $10,000+.

The RR Auction Marvels of Modern Music Sale runs online from February 9 until February 16.

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