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Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room rocking chair to sell at Graceland

Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room rocking chair and one of his earliest-known concert posters are just two of the highlights of the forthcoming Graceland Auction.
The sale, which takes place on January 6 as part of Elvis’ birthday celebrations, will offer more than 270 lots including jewelry, signed documents, furniture and rare recordings.

Presley was always known to have ‘bold’ tastes when it came to home decor, and the rocking chair up for grabs is no exception.

The Jungle Room is one of the most famous rooms at Graceland, renowned for its indoor waterfall and thick green shag carpet.

However, when Presley first bought the property in 1957 the room was actually an outdoor patio, which only became enclosed when the house was extended in 1965.

Elvis turned the room into his own personal den, complete with huge sofas and an enormous TV set, and spent hours happily relaxing with his friends sat in his high-backed leather rocking chair.

Then in the mid-1970s the room was redecorated with an array of dark wooden tiki furniture and plastic plants – reportedly purchased by Elvis during a 30-minute shopping spree at Donald’s Furniture Store – and the rocking chair was removed.

It was later sold in 1999, during the famous Graceland Archives auction, and now returns to the block once again with an estimate of $10,000 – $15,000.

The remarkable concert poster on offer dates from late 1954, when Elvis was still finding his feet as a performer in Memphis nightclubs, ably backed by Scotty Moore and Bill Black.

The Eagle’s Nest was a nightclub above the Clearpool entertainment complex in Memphis, which catered to a country and western swing crowd.

Elvis performed at the club 16 times during the first few months of his music career, causing a stir with his notorious stage antics as his records made him a local star.

The hand-painted poster originally hung above the entrance to the club, and lists three songs Elvis recorded for Sun Records in 1954 – ‘Heart Breaker’, ‘That’s All Right’ and ‘Good Rockin’.

The poster was left undated, but given that Elvis recorded ‘You’re a Heartbreaker’ in December 1954 it’s believed it originated from his final performance at the club on December 10.

The unique cardboard sign has been described as "one of the true Holy Grails of concert posters", and comes with an estimate of $15,000 – $20,000 – although experts believe it could achieve a far higher price.

Further notable highlights from the auction include a TCB necklace gifted to Dean Nichopoulos, son of Presley’s personal physician Dr. George Nichopoulos; the desk from his home office in Palm Springs; the signed title document to his Circle G Ranch in Mississippi; and his personally-owned and engraved 1922 Colt .32 caliber Revolver.

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