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Elvis Presley’s birth record offered at Graceland Auctions

Elvis Presley’s birth record is selling at Graceland Auctions this August.
The lot was kept by the physician that delivered him in Tupelo, Mississippi at 4am on January 8, 1935.

It’s the closest thing to a birth certificate for Elvis available on the market – as the original given to his family has been lost over the years.

It includes standard information on eye colour, sex and place of birth.

His parents are listed as: "V. E. Presley, White, 18, Itawamba Co., Miss., Laborer," and "Gladys Smith, White, 21, Pontotoc Co. Miss., Housewife."

For those who weren’t aware, it also includes a tragic coda to Elvis’ story.

He was actually a twin – although his brother Jesse was stillborn just half an hour before Elvis was born.

The death of his brother affected Elvis deeply throughout his life.

His friends have said that he used to talk to Jesse in his private moments and used to dream of them performing on stage together.

The lot is expected to make around $80,000-100,000 when it sells on August 13.

Also featured is the signed American Express card he used between 1973 and 1974.

This period coincided with the worst years of Elvis’ addiction to barbiturates. His mental health began to seriously unravel following his divorce from Priscilla and by 1977 he was dead.

The card is valued at $40,000-60,000.

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