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Disneyland Small World model sells for $57,500


A model of the clock facade from Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride has sold for $57,500 at Van Eaton Galleries.
The lot was one of a vast array of pieces auctioned from the lifetime collection of Disney “Imagineer” Rolly Crump, the man behind the design for the park’s Enchanted Tiki Room and Haunted Mansion sections. Over the years Crump has amassed an extraordinary array of pieces that tell the story of the park from its inception through to the present day.

Mike Van Eaton, co-owner of the auction house, told Fine Books Magazine: “When you think of the imaginative spirit of Walt Disney you can’t help but also think of Rolly Crump.

“Together they made Disney history and created some of the most famous Disney attractions of all time. Now in his late 80’s Rolly is still as spirited and creative as he was in the early 1950s when his career was just beginning.”

This clock is based on a design by Mary Blair, the legendary concept artist who worked for Disney for a number of years. It’s almost identical to the finished facade, although the colouring is noticeably more vibrant than the finished example.

Mary Blair’s work is hugely popular at auction, with one of her concept paintings for Disney’s Cinderella achieving $54,970 at Heritage Auctions in 2015.

Other highlights included a photo archive showing the development of EPCOT, a theme park at Disneyland Florida that opened in 1982. It hosts the Future World and World Showcase areas of the park. Originally valued at $400, it sold for $31,625.

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