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Concorde nose cone heads to auction on February 22

Do you have space in your home for an 11-foot long Concorde nose cone?
Then you may be interested to learn that one is heading to auction at JP Humbert Auctioneers in Northamptonshire, UK on February 22.

Auctioneer John Humbert said: “We appreciate this is not an inexpensive item but I’d be hard pressed to think of a more exclusive and iconic item to sell than a famous nose cone from the world’s fasted commercial plane.

“With the provenance it comes with any buyer can be assured of acquiring a most exclusive piece of modern design with an incredible social history connection.”

Concorde was the fastest passenger plane on the planet

Concorde was created by a team of British and French engineers in the post-war period and made its first flight in 1969.

Travelling at supersonic speeds, it shaved hours off regular flight times. London to New York was achievable in 3.5 hours, more than twice as fast as the average passenger jet.

The planes were retired in 2003, three years after a terrible accident in Paris that resulted in the death of all on board and four people in a nearby hotel.

The nose cone is expected to make around £45,000-60,000 ($62,870-83,827). However, it’s important to note this lot is one of few that was never flown. This could result in a lower price paid at auction, as aviation and space collectors place considerable value on “flown” objects.

In 2003, a flown Concorde tail cone realised £32,900 ($46,000) in a charity auction hosted by Bonhams in London.

We’ll update you with the result as soon as it’s in.

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