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Star Wars C-3PO head makes nearly $1million


Image courtesy of Propstore Auctions.

C-3PO’s head, from the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi (1983), has sold for $843,750 at auction in the United States.

Anthony Daniels, who inhabited the robot suit throughout the first series of Star Wars films, sold the prop via Propstore Auctions. 

Daniels has sold off large collections of his own memorabilia from Star Wars in the past year. 

C-3PO head from Return of the Jedi.

Daniels’ made this head one of the most recognisable images in modern sci-fi.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “I had all this stuff, almost all of it was in cupboards, drawers and in attics. Nobody was looking at it, nobody was treasuring it, if you will. And it was too good to throw away.” 

The actor said this item, far better known than his own face, was the hardest to part with. 

The buyer has not been named. 

Daniels’ ownership is excellent provenance, and the prop has been screen-matched to several key scenes in the film.  

Propstore described it as “one of the most significant artifacts from the original Star Wars film to come to market.”

Star Wars has generations of fans and a huge collecting community. 

To date, the most valuable prop sold is a screen-used X-wing model that realised $3.1 million at auction in Texas last year. 

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