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Schumacher watches get $4 million start line


Michael Schumacher's FP Journe watch

Watches owned by Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher are being offered at auction in Geneva on May 13.

Schumacher’s Rolex Daytona matches one of history’s greatest drivers with the greatest driving watch of all time.

It is offered with an estimate of $230,000 to $440,000.

The Daytona is the iconic racing driver’s watch. And one of the most desirable watches in the world. Paul Newman not only played racing drivers on screen, he was a keen motor-racing enthusiast.

Newman’s own Daytonas are the most sought-after watches. In March 2024 one made $17.75 million at auction, setting a record for Rolexes.

The Daytona was made for drivers, few have the personal link to such a great racer that Schumacher’s does.

The most valuable item in the Schumacher collection is a Platinum Vagabondage 1. Ferrari supremo Jean Todt commissioned it for his driver.

The unique design is from 2004 and by Francois-Paul Journe (who is branded as F.P. Journe). Symbols on the dial celebrate Schumacher’s F1 titles and his relationship with the Italian car maker. An engraved Christmas message from Todt completes a one-off piece.

If Christie’s have their estimates right it will realise as much as $2.2 million.

Journe watches are extremely exclusive. His first pieces, the Souscription, are very rare. One made over £3 million at auction in 2021.

Tody also commissioned a personalised Audemars Piguet from 2003. That is expected to hammer for between $170,000 and $280,000.

You cannot buy Audemars Piguet watches cheaply. A new version of their most advanced timepiece, the Royal Oak, will set you back over £700,000 – if you can get on the waiting list.

Christie’s Rémi Guillemin said: “We are proud to present these iconic and unique timepieces belonging to one of the most celebrated Formula 1 legends. An exceptional moment, for watch and F1 enthusiasts alike. We are looking forward to meeting with passionate collectors during our international exhibitions and the auction on 13 May in Geneva.”

The most expensive watch in the May 13 sale is not from the Schumacher collection. That distinction belongs to a Patek Philippe 18k gold perpetual calendar chronograph with moon phases, a pink dial, and a Spanish calendar.

Schumacher’s seven titles make him the joint record holder for world titles with Lewis Hamilton. He was injured in a skiing accident in 2013 that reportedly left him in a coma. His family has not shared his condition since then.

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