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Michael Jordan set to meet $200,000 price


detail of a Michael Jordan Fleer card from 1986
Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

A 1986 collecting card showing NBA legend Michael Jordan is for sale with an estimate of $200,000 and up.

With bidding standing at $135,000 a week before the sale it seems very likely that the card will easily surpass that amount.

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest ever basketball player. He was five times rated the Most Valuable Player in the NBA and won six championship titles with the Chicago Bulls.

Relics from his career are extremely valuable, and he may be the most collectible and valuable modern sports star.

This card was released in 1986 by Fleer, a US bubblegum company, who are also one of the US’s most important makers of sports cards.

The company produced baseball, American football, and from 1986 basketball cards.

This card was #57 in that first offer.

Jordan went pro in 1984 buy 1986 is considered his official rookie card.

In the 1986 – 87 season he scored 3,000 points at 37.1 points per game. He was the second player to score that many points in a season.

The card’s wonderful image of Jordan adds to its appeal.

The condition of the card and its wonderful image as well as its landmark date make it a must-have for serious collectors. Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

This example is particularly valuable because of its condition rating, “PSA Gem Mint 10”.

Heritage Auctions, who are selling the card say: “It’s an essential piece for any serious collector of basketball cards or fan of the game. The card’s vibrant colors, sharp image, and iconic subject make it a standout piece in any collection.”

Jordan is one of the most well-known figures in American popular culture.

He is particularly associated with sneakers. The Air Jordan is one of the most collectible sneaker marques.

Shoes worn by Jordan in standout games are record breakers. Six of the most valuable sneakers sold at auction are Jordan shoes.

The most valuable was a set called the Dynasty Collection of eight shoes worn in play-off games that sold for $8 million earlier this year.

Last year, a pair of Air Jordan 13s sold for $2.2 million. Jordan had worn them in the 1998 NBA Finals.

His jerseys are similarly sought after.

In 2022 his ‘Last Dance’ jersey set a sports-shirt record of $10.1 million at auction in New York.

The Jordan card sale will close next weekend, July 12 – 13.

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