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Fleetwood Mac piano leads major music charity auction


Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac playing a piano on stage.

A charity music auction featuring instruments from Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles will run for the first time on February 4.

The MusiCares Charity Relief Auction takes place in Los Angeles, at the GRAMMY Museum, and features a star-studded range of donated lots.

The most valuable item is a baby grand piano played on stage by Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac. It could realise $20,000 if it hits the top estimate.

McVie’s Yamaha piano is already valued at $6,000 by bidders. Image courtesy of Julien’s Auctions.

Instruments are among the most popular and valuable pieces of music memorabilia. Anyone who’s owned a guitar, piano, or penny whistle, will tell you that there can be an extremely personal connection between an instrument and its player.

That will no doubt add to the attraction of items like the piano, which was played by McVie for 20 years on stage, featuring in her signature piece, Songbird.

There is a slightly less personal connection to a guitar signed (but never owned or played) by Taylor Swift. That is listed with an estimate of $1,000 to $1,500.

A bid of $10,000 has already smashed those expectations. Swift’s current level of fame is of a level not seen for decades. Her most recent concert tour, Eras, was so huge that it was even considered a factor in the US economy. Fans are reported to have spent billions of dollars following their idol.

Dr Dre’s signature lifts these relatively humble shoes to the level of collectible art. Image courtesy Julien’s Auctions.

If an acoustic guitar fits Swift’s musical profile, a pair of sneakers is well matched to Dr Dre’s aesthetic. The all-time great rapper, MC, and producer has donated a signed pair of white Nike Air Force Low trainers to the sale. Bidding for them has already sailed past a low estimate of $500.

Several surprise items from yet-to-be-revealed artists will also hit the auction block for the sale, which is being live-streamed on multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Live.

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