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Elton John’s home emptied in huge auction


a pair of prescription sunglasses made by Sir Winston around 1975 and owned by Sir Elton John

Elton John is selling the contents of his Atlanta home in an series of auctions. With 900 lots, a total estimated value of over $10 million, and eight New York sales over around 3 weeks this is already the rock ‘n’ roll event of 2024.

The sales open on February 9th online, with the real-world opening night sale taking place in New York on February 21. They are accompanied by a major exhibition.

These sales are a very high-end house clearance, as Sir Elton quits his Atlanta, Georgia home, Peachtree Road, which he sold last year.

Themed sales group Sir Elton’s Versace collection, clothing, jewellery, and photographs. Much of the sale is devoted to the singer’s collection of modern art, including works by Banksy (estimate $1 million to $1.5 million), Keith Haring ($300,000 to $500,000), and Cindy Sherman ($300,000 to $500,000).

A Rolex with leopard-print dial is estimated to realise as much as $60,000. Image courtesy of Christie’s New York.

Watch fans can compete to buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual with a leopard-print dial that’s very true to Sir Elton’s flamboyant style. One of just 400 Cartier Crash watches, an asymmetric limited edition from 1991, is also up for grabs. This rare sale could raise as much as $100,000 if estimates are on point.

The sale is an early 2024 highlight for music, art, jewellery, and fashion buyers. Last year’s sale of the contents of Freddie Mercury’s Garden Lodge home in London may have set a trend for a new type of rock auction. That six-sale series was a spectacular success, selling all lots (a so-called “white gloves” sale) for £40 million/$50.4 million, against an estimated £7.6 – 11.3 million.

This is just one of Sir Elton’s homes. Over the years, he bought and combined five apartments in Peachtree Road to hold his collections, as he toured Atlanta’s art galleries, discovering glass art as a particular enthusiasm. He wrote an album there and two musicals but describes the birth of the Elton John Aids Foundation as the most significant personal milestone achieved while touring the US from this southern base.

“I can feel a little piece of my soul in every lot,” Sir Elton told the auction catalogue, “My hope is that these special items will go to good homes and bring their owners the same joy and inspiration that Atlanta so generously gave to me.”

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