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Ali’s Thrilla trunks set for $6-million knock out 


Muhammad Ali Thrilla in Manilla boxing trunks by Everlast.

Trunks worn by Muhammad Ali for the Thrilla in Manilla fight are going on sale with a predicted top price of $6 million. 

They are one of the standout items in Sotheby’s Sports Week sales in New York between March 27 and April 5. 

The Thrilla in Manilla on October 1, 1975 was the third time Ali faced Joe Frazier for the heavyweight crown. It was staged at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City in the Philippines. 

Ali was, and still is, one of the most compelling figures in any sport at any time.

Ali won the bout in the 14th round, when Frazier’s corner ended the contest. 

Many boxing experts consider it the greatest fight in the sport’s history. It may have attracted a television audience of 1 billion people. 

Frazier had won the first – the Fight of the Century – in 1971. Ali won the second, Super Fight II, in 1974. 

Their sporting rivalry was intense. The two men had been friends, but fell out over Ali’s political views, and there was a genuine edge to this fight. 

The trunks, by Everlast, are inscribed with a message to President Marcos, the Phillipines ruler. They are being sold as a single item in a dedicated sale.

Ali is by some distance the most famous, and most collectible boxer of all time.

Three pairs of his gloves have each made around $1 million at auction.

His “Rumble in the Jungle” belt  sold for $6.18 million in 2022, recording an increase in value of over 3,000% in around 5 years. 

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