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Rare prototype Apple sneakers could sell for more than $30,000

A rare pair of sneakers made by Apple Inc. could sell for more than $30,000 when they come up for sale at Heritage Auctions this month.
The Adidas X Apple sneakers were apparently created as prototypes in the 1990s, and today just two pairs are known to still exist.

They will now hit the block in Beverly Hills on June 11 as part of ‘The Future In Now’ – an auction dedicated to rare sneakers, urban artwork and collectibles.

Although Apple has become one of the world’s most valuable companies with groundbreaking products such as the iMac, the iPod and the iPhone, not all their products have been so successful.

In fact, some of the company’s ideas were downright stinkers – including the Apple clothing line with launched in 1986 to no fanfare whatsoever and quickly disappeared.

The Apple fashion line, circa 1986

However, it seems that the company wasn’t quite done with fashion, and in the early 1990s it apparently toyed with the idea of a range of sneakers, produced in collaboration with Adidas.

It’s believed that just a handful of pairs were ever produced as promotional prototypes, which were then sold on to employees at Apple headquarters.

Back in January 2016, a scuffed pair of the Apple sneakers reportedly sold on eBay for just $79.

Now a second pair of the sneakers has surfaced, after they were discovered by a collector at a San Francisco Bay-area garage sale.

The Adidas X Apple sneakers

The size 9 ½ sneakers appear to be in almost brand-new condition, having been stored away carefully for decades, and are sure to attract attention from tech heads and sneaker heads alike due to their rarity.

"The wild popularity for any Apple product is without question, but that passion might only be rivaled by the appetite of the sneaker collectors," said Leon Benrimon, Director of Modern and Contemporary Art.

"This pair of sneakers is incredibly rare and the back story is crazy. The fact that they were produced when Steve Jobs was running Apple makes them even more collectible and valuable."

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